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Viewing Pleasure

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n this home theater by Gramaphone, the screen is lowered onto the stage for viewing, and features four-way masking to adjust to the format required for optimal viewing.

At what point in the home-building process do you need to plan for a home theater? The best time to nail down the specs is actually before you break ground, according to several area home theater designers. While it is possible to install a theater into a flex space after construction, to truly create the theater of your dreams, it’s best to start early—or at least have a lot of flexibility in the space to be converted.

When Gramaphone was hired to design this home theater (above), the foundation of the home had just been dug. However, one of the major design features of the space—a staging area where the homeowners’ three young daughters can perform—required a ceiling height of 18 feet. This factor meant that the builders had to re-excavate the foundation down several more feet. “Being involved early made that easier,” says Gramaphone’s Lance David, who supervised the installation.

A successful home theater involves careful placement of wiring and the built-in cabinetry that will house speakers, controls, televisions and more.


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Home Tech- Home Theatre Debuts

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Bowers and Wilkens's 683 Theater speaker system.

THX Certified TV
Runco’s new highest resolution plasma monitor, the 65-inch diagonal XP-65DHD (above), is the world’s first plasma screen to comply with rigorous THX certification standards. At less than four and a half inches thick, it provides consumers with a variety of installation options.

LCD Projector
Mitsubishi’s latest projector designed for the home theater, the HC5500 LCD, produces better-detailed dark images and transitions quicker from light to dark scenes. An improved inorganic LCD panel and cooling system enable this full HD 1080p-resolution projector to last 10 times longer than a regular organic LCD panel. This advanced design also includes a special fan that keeps noise to a minimum.

Upgraded Loudspeakers
Bowers and Wilkins’s 683 Theater speaker system incorporates the same advanced technology as the company’s more expensive 800 Series. Part of the fourth generation 600 Series, the 683 Theater set has a refined, contemporary appearance that complements its upgraded surround-sound capabilities.

Home Theater in a Box
If you are looking to acquire all of the essential home theater components in one purchase, check out Panasonic’s first home theater in a box (HTiB) system with an integrated Blu-ray disc player. The SC-BT100 home theater system boasts full High Definition 1080p-resolution Blu-ray video, wireless surround-sound speakers that can be upgraded to full 7.1 channel sound and a built-in iPod dock.

Home Theater DVD
In her newest DVD release, Destination Home Theater, award-winning filmmaker Barbara P. Roth offers valuable tips on how to optimize the home theater experience. Roth advises consumers on how to combine their audio and visual investments with the right interior-design elements and furnishings to create the ideal viewing environment in their homes.

Concealed Speakers
The Onsia Concealed Flat Panel Speakers are perfect for homeowners concerned about speakers detracting from their home theaters’ interior design and aesthetics. These totally hidden speakers, equipped with high-powered, vibrational-element flat panels producing high-definition sound, can be installed into any drywall surface or standard ceiling grid system.

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Home Tech: State of the Art

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JBL Synthesis Digital Home Theater System.

Musician’s Choice
When bass guitarist Jay DeMarcus of the country band Rascal Flatts installed the Carl Tatz-designed JBL Synthesis Digital Home Theater System in his home recording studio, his choice spoke volumes. The sound system includes eight speakers, all of which apply synthesis technology, using digital algorithms to create a near-perfect, 360-degree soundscape.
Home Movies
BeoVision 4-103 by Bang & Olufsen lets you go to the movies without leaving your house. The 103-inch-screen plasma television has VisionClear: Automatic Picture Control sensor technology that measures the ambient light in the room and adjusts the light output from the screen accordingly. A tiny built-in camera—part of the Automatic Color Management system—checks the screen every 100 hours and adjusts the color levels.

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